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Participation budget - 2019: we vote for projects of Slavutych citizens

Participation budget is a democratic process that enables every Slavutych resident to participate in the distribution of local budget funds by creating projects to improve the city and / or vote for them. Any resident of the city had the opportunity to submit a project related to improving the life in the city, to participate in the competition, to win the vote and to see how his project is implemented within the budget of 2019.

18 projects were successfully evaluated, including in the category "Sports and youth policy" -8, "Improvement of city-wide territories" - 7, "Ecology and renewable energy sources" - 1, "Information technologies" - 1, "Tourism »- 1.

The register of projects, their content and cost, analysis cards can be found at https://gromada.slav.gov.ua/projects.

 Voting runs from 11/11/2019 to 11/29/2019