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"Breakthrough to success" master class in Slavutych

Specialists of the Slavutych City Branch of the Kyiv Regional Employment Center have involved local residents in the Breakthrough to Success program. The event was commissioned by Mykola Latanski, the head of the Academy of Real Success and co-founder of the Country of Dreams initiative.

The event was attended by over one hundred Slavutians, of whom almost half were unemployed citizens who took an active part in the training.

“We want to teach you how to think in a new way to reach a new level. The aim of the project is to raise awareness and, consequently, the results and, as a result, the standard of living of Ukrainians, ”the academy head began the presentation.

The training participants were taught how to believe in themselves, shared their skills of increasing responsibility and positive thinking. Each participant learned the rules of setting goals that increase the chances of success in life and realization of self, regardless of age, education, social status and health.


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Kyiv Regional Employment Center​