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Greetings to Lithuanian friends

​On Aug. 4, the siblings of Slavutych Visaginas celebrated their 43th anniversary. At the celebration of the Day of the City of Visaginas, a delegation from Slavutych visited. On this day a solemn meeting of the Council of Visaginsky self-government took place, and in the evening a concert of artistic collectives of the city took place on the central square of Santarvers. Young talents of Slavutych were presented with their musical greetings.

Today Visaginas is a modern Lithuanian town (until 1992, Snechncus), located in a pine forest among the picturesque lakes. For many Slavutych it is known as a satellite city of Ignalina NPP, and the place where the Disney International Festival of Young Atomic Energy was launched and held annually.

Photos from the official page of Visagins self-government