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The new information service has started to work

​In the test mode, a new information service was launched http://www.slavutich.golos.net.ua - a module for publishing and analyzing the hardware and information complex of automation of the full cycle of the city council's work in the process of preparing, conducting sessions, publishing results and analyzing the work of deputies. It is convenient and quick access to the materials of the current session, where you can read the texts of draft decisions, annexes, changes and conclusions of the commissions, the results of the so-called voting on each issue. In the analytical part there is the statistics of deputies' activity, general information about each deputy of the Slavutych City Council of the VII convocation (PIB, commission, party, district) is provided, an analysis of the submitted draft decisions and votes is carried out. The system interface is handy, simple, and comes with a variety of search filters, which allows you to quickly find the information you are interested in.

Department of Information Technology and E-Governance​